Students walking near UCEN

"When you're not familiar with campus culture or prepared for campus life, it often feels like you don't belong." -Miroslava Chavez-Garcia, Professor, Department of History

Girl at Reflection Pond

"Learn to trust the person you've become and recognize that you're able to handle new things."
-Joseph Blankholm, Professor, Religious Studies

Students at Reflecting Pond

"Asking for advice and seeking mentoring are not signs of weakness, they're the signs of someone who's willing to do what it takes to thrive."
-Kevin Plaxco, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

White Heron at Lagoon

"Try to be patient with this new situation. Stay grounded, be observant, and try not to let it make you feel somehow inadequate."
-Richard Wittman, Professor, History of Art and Architecture

"Go all-in. Don’t waste your money or time if you’re going to try college, give it your very best effort."
-Vilna Bashi Treitler, Department of Black Studies

Instructor in classroom, student raising hand

"Don’t wait for things to happen for you – make them happen!"
-Amber VanDerwarker, Professor, Anthropology

UC Santa Barbara First Generation Faculty

Over 40% of UCSB students will be the first in their family to graduate from a four year college. A significant fraction of our faculty were also once first generation students. The First-Gen Faculty initiative aims to provide a sense of community, accessibility, and encouragement for first-generation students by having first-generation faculty share their stories and advice.